Are you hosting this week? Don't know? Check the Hosting Schedule.

Instructions and Hints for Hosting Tea Time

Step 1: Pick a Date and Theme

  • Check the Hosting Schedule..

  • Pick a date (always a Friday) that is not yet assigned a host.

  • Try to think of a theme or menu (e.g., Mexican, salads, etc.), and email the Tea Time Tsar your plan.

    Step 2: Shop and/or Cook

  • Do your shopping (or cooking) early, but not too early. Some foods can keep in your fridge for a few days, but others are best served fresh or warm. Plan ahead. You need the food ready to eat at 4:00 on Friday.

  • Make sure you buy or cook enough food for everybody. Expect around 30-50 people (20-30 in the summer) to show up, most of them hungry.

  • REIMBURSEMENT: The CS department will reimburse you for up to $100 ($75 in the summer). Amounts more than $100 ($75) should be preapproved (talk to Wendy) to guarantee reimbursement. Turn all receipts in to Wendy, and allow around two weeks for the reimbusement check.

    Step 3: Get the Room Ready

  • Tea Time is at 4:00. Start getting ready early, like around 3:30.

  • The normal Tea Time room is 228-E. Most of the time this room will be available for the Tea Time. If it is not, you should put a big note on the door saying "Tea Time will will be held in ___ " or some other available large room.

  • Tea Time supplies (see the box below for details) are stored in the CS lounge, usually in the cabinets above and to the right of the sink.

  • If you will need to make coffee and hot water:

  • 228-E shares a partition with room 236-D. If you need more space for a popular week, see if 236-D can be used (check to make sure beforehand), then you should open up the partition.

    Step 4: Clean Up

  • Get a couple of people to help you. And then help them when they host. Yes, just like Kindergarten.

  • Get all the trash out of the room. The trash bins are in the CS lounge. Crush cans and plastic bottles so that they can be easily recycled.

  • Wipe down the tables well, and put them back in their original places. Make sure you get rid of any stickiness.

  • Clean up any trays you may have used, and rinse out any coffee pots. Return trays and coffee pots to their original locations in the lounge.

  • Leave any extra non-refrigeratable leftovers on the tables in the lounge; they should get eaten pretty quickly. Do not stuff the fridge full of TeaTime leftovers, because the fridge is crowded enough already. Either take the refrigeratable leftovers home, give them to someone else, or throw them away.


    • Check the Tea Time supply cabinet for supplies and leftovers. It is in the CS lounge, on the right side of the cabinet to the right of the sink.

    • Please don't expand to the left side. [I think we already have.]

    • If there are no supplies here, you need to buy them.

    • Supplies that might already be in the CS lounge:

      Non-Perishables - usually available

      • coffee cups (make sure we have at least 20)
      • cold cups for soda (make sure there are about 30)
      • coffee
      • coffee filters
      • tea
      • sugar
      • napkins
      • toothpicks
      • forks or other utensils
      • plates
      • platters for fruit etc. (see top of frig)
      • bowl for ice (see top of frig or above cabinets)
      • coffee stirrers
      • coffee makers (under sink)

      Perishables - rarely available

      • ice (1 bag is enough) - can store in freezer
      • fruit of your choice - grapes and strawberries require little prep
      • chips of your choice - ~2 bags
      • ~5 liters of soda of your choice - usually 3 coke, 1 caffeine free diet coke, and 1 sprite
      • small (pint) of half and half or milk
      • dip of your choice for chips

      Note: The perishables are really your choice - these are just suggestions.

    Last modified: 08 April 2007