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Emergency Contact Information

If there is a systems emergency during non-business hours, please contact the emergency hotline (434-982-2271); there is contact information on the hotline for reaching staff at home if no information is posted there. If you aren't sure what constitutes an emergency, please click here.


Scheduled Downtimes

Symantec update being pushed to Windows domain systems - 7/7/16

Due to a potential vulnerability discovered in Symantec Endpoint Protection we are pushing the latest version of it to Windows machines via Group Policy. It will install in the background after the next reboot and, once completed, the next subsequent reboot will leave the machine running the most current version. (Mac users of Symantec Endpoint Protection are not affected: the necessary changes will be part of the normal update process for them.)


Ubuntu 14.04LTS Upgrades 11/11/14

Starting tomorrow, we will be finalizing the upgrade of the shared department systems to Ubuntu 14.04LTS. Right now only power6 and half the PBS nodes have been upgraded, but we will be starting on the remaining power nodes tomorrow afternoon. These are power2,3,5. Power1 and power4 will be rebuilt on Thursday.

We will not force upgrades on older Ubuntu 12.04 desktop boxes until security updates are no longer available, but we will not be able to provide updated packages for those systems either; Debian/Ubuntu packages of newer software versions (eg, the latest python, GCC or emacs). However, if you hold back your box because of incompatibilities with the newest glibc, etc. we encourage you not to allow the drift to get too big.

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