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James French

James French

Research Associate Professor

Phone: (434) 982-2213
Fax: (434) 982-2214
Email: french@cs.virginia.edu
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Department of Computer Science
School of Engineering and Applied Science
University of Virginia
151 Engineer‘s Way, P.O. Box 400740
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904-4740

"Information has no value unless you can find it."

Areas Of Interest

Data mining, information retrieval, digital libraries, and scientific database management

Biographical Sketch

James French received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, at the University of Virginia in 1982. After several years in industry, he returned to the University of Virginia in 1987 as Senior Scientist in the Institute for Parallel Computation and became a research Assistant Professor of Computer Science in 1990. He served as General Chair of the International Conference on Scientific and Statistical Database Management, and on the program committees of numerous other leading conferences and symposia. He also served as an NSF Program Director. He has directed several graduate students, and is the co-author or editor of six books and over 65 papers and book chapters.


French's chief research interests are in the areas of data mining, distributed information retrieval and digital libraries. In the area of digital library technology, Professor French collaborated with researchers at several other universities on the development and deployment of NCSTRL, the Networked Computer Science Technical Reports Library. Professor French has directed a DARPA sponsored project on Personalized Information Environments (PIE) which are user-centric information seeking environments that can be widely deployed over the Internet to provide customized search and current awareness services. Professor French directed a NASA sponsored project (EVOC) that investigated novel search strategies to facilitate finding Earth science data.

Selected Publications

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