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The Best of CIT Awards

July 16, 1997

V irginia's Center for Innovative Technology hosted a "Best of CIT" awards banquet on July 16. Awards were presented in seven "best of..." categories, one of which was "Best New Product or Service." Five CIT projects were nominated, and the winner was "Brainpower for Business," a product of UVa's Internet Commerce Group (composed of Alf Weaver, Mary Ann Stumbaugh, Kim Gregg). CIT sponsored product development and Jim Bacon at Virginia Business magazine helped in product formulation and marketing.


Quoting from the CIT Awards Program:

"Brainpower for Business started as a CIT/Virginia Business partnership for a print guide to showcase Virginia's colleges and universities. It became CIT's first electronic product, showcasing the technical talents and resources available at Virginia's intellectual resources for use by companies worldwide. Brainpower is now a critical resource for regional directors in identifying potential university partners for clients."

At UVa, the Internet Commerce Group in Computer Science was responsible for the design, implementation, maintenance, and improvement of the Brainpower product. The Brainpower for Business website receives from 500-1000 hits per week, and it has brought UVa and InterCom state-wide recognition for its design (as well as over $100,000 for its construction). UVa has hosted two workshops (most recently June 10, in the Rotunda) for Brainpower users throughout the state.

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