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Alf Weaver Receives Grant for the Internet Technology Innovation Center

August 1, 1998

The Internet Technology Innovation Center (ITIC) is a partnership among twelve research groups at four Virginia universities. ITIC was formed to nurture Virginia's entrepreneurial environment for information technology and Internet-based business; accelerate the creation and deployment of network-based information technology, especially with regard to electronic commerce; develop the hardware/software infrastructure that Virginia needs for the coming knowledge-based economy; and expand Virginia's high-skill workforce needed to develop, support and market Internet-based products and services. href="http://www.cs.virginia.edu/brochure/profs/weaver.html">Alf Weaver, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Virginia, and director of U.Va.'s Internet Commerce Group (InterCom), who will serve as the initial Director of ITIC (weaver@virginia.edu); Professor Stephen Ruth, director of the International Center for Applied Studies in Information Technology at George Mason University; Professor Scott Martin, director of the Internet Multimedia Center at George Mason University; Professors William Winter and William Muir, who direct the SEVAnet project and the Virginia Electronic Commerce Technology Center at Christopher Newport University; Professor Edward Fox, director of the Digital Library Research Laboratory at Virginia Tech; Professor James French, director of the Internet Digital Library at U.Va.; Mr. Jeffrey Crowder, director of the Net.Work.Virginia project at Virginia Tech; Professor Scott Midkiff, member of the Center for Wireless Telecommunications at Virginia Tech; Dr. Anne Moore, director of the Center for Innovation in Learning at Virginia Tech; Professor Ira Jacobs, member of the Fiber and Electro-Optics Research Center at Virginia Tech; and Professor William Tranter, member of the Mobile and Portable Radio Research at Virginia Tech.

The mission of ITIC is to:

ITIC is the first virtual technology information center to be established. Its administrative home is located within the Department of Computer Science at the University of Virginia, but its place of business is the worldwide Internet. More details about ITIC services may be found on this site; inquiries may be directed by email to itic@cs.virginia.edu or by telephone to 804-982-2226.

For further information, please contact itic@cs.virginia.edu

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