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Va. Offers Free E-Surveys

From Washington Post
October 25, 1999

Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology has launched a service that allows anyone to perform an electronic survey over the World Wide Web.

The center's Internet Technology Innovation Center said the SurveySuite allows users to create, edit, publish and tally an electronic survey. Once created, a survey can be delivered via e-mail, including an electronic cover letter. The results are tallied automatically, and can be downloaded into a spreadsheet to be analyzed.

Alf Weaver, Internet TIC's director, said the program is one of the center's free offerings to area businesses.

"The program was developed to aid individuals and groups searching for a resource that would enable them to survey a large population without the associated costs," he said.

To reach the service, go to http://intercom.virginia.edu/SurveySuite.

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