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Graduate Student Robert Bartholet Promoted

October 23, 1998

Effective October 1, 1998, the President of the United States declared thatRob Bartholet is now aMajor in the U.S. Army. On Friday, October 23rd, Rob was formallypromoted on the steps of the Rotunda by his friend and formercommander, Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Perry. Rob was promoted off the early list - a fineachievement. The department congratulates Rob on his promotion and wishes himthe best in his career!

M_bartIMG_left(bartholet4, Rob expounds on all those who helped him succeed) M_bartIMG_right(bartholet2, The pinning)M_bartIMG_left(bartholet3, Rob, Karen and Emily)M_bartIMG_right(bartholet1,Rob and department friends)

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