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E-School honors Cerf at new lab dedication

From The Cavalier Daily
April 6, 1999

By Helena Machaj, Associate Editor

Vint Cerf, MCI WorldCom, Inc. senior vice president, was honored yesterday at a ceremony that dedicated the School of Engineering and Applied Science's new computer laboratory in his name. The laboratory, called VINTLab, stands for Virginia InterNet Teaching Lab.

Cerf, who is considered the father of the Internet, played an instrumental role in the recent donation of $1 million worth of equipment to the Engineering School by MCI WorldCom and Cisco Systems, Inc., Engineering School Dean Richard W. Miksad said.

The equipment is being used to create a pilot program to teach students Internet technology through hands-on experience.

The gifts, consisting of 12 Cisco 7000 routers and two Cisco 2500 routers, are special purpose hardware that act as relay stations on the Internet. Lightstream 2020 ATM switches.

There is a growing demand for Internet savvy engineers who are capable of working with Internet protocols, Asst. Computer Science Prof. Jorg Liebeherr said.

"By making this equipment available to the University, MCI and Cisco are helping us to improve our educational mission," Liebeherr said.

The new teaching resources will put the computer science department at the forefront of Internet technology, Miksad said.

They will also "establish the University as a key worldwide player in Internet technology and will allow us to make a significant contribution to major Internet companies who have made their home here in the state of Virginia," he said.

The equipment has been installed in the VINTLab and is currently being used to teach an Internet Engineering course to fourth-year computer science majors.

The class teaches students how to manage and control the Internet as well as how the Internet works internally, Computer Science Department Chairman John A. Stankovic said.

The goal of the class is "to create Internet engineers who maintain, upgrade, improve or even redesign the Internet," Liebeherr said.

Besides benefiting students, the gifts will benefit both the University and the companies-while the University receives valuable teaching resources, the companies will be able to hire qualified graduates, he said.

"We are really pleased that MCI and Cisco made this offer to us," Stankovic said. "We can imagine that this kind of lab will be started in many universities around the country, based on what we do here."

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