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Congress Recognizes the Vintlab

From Congressional Record
April 14, 1999

By Remarks made by Representative Bob Goodlatte

Mr. Speaker, I rise today as co-chairman of the bipartisan Congressional Internet Caucus to recognize a major step taken last week to develop the growing Internet economy of the United States.

In my home state of Virginia, just a few hours from the United States Capitol, the University of Virginia took the first step last week toward developing America's most technologically advanced Internet Engineering curriculum.

As we all know, high-tech and the Internet are a major part of the economic growth we have enjoyed these last few years. Over the next five years high-tech will create 1.8 million new jobs in the U.S: 1.8 million.

Because of an innovative public/private partnership, and thanks to the generosity of Cisco Systems and MCI/Worldcom, which have just donated over $1 million in new equipment to the University, UVa is now creating VINT-Lab, the premier high-tech training facility of its kind.

You see, Mr. Speaker, the thing about creating nearly two million new, high-tech jobs is that no good comes of it unless there's qualified people to fill them. What the folks at UVA and Cisco are trying to do is make sure that the young people of today are prepared to build the economy of tomorrow.

I think we'll be seeing a lot more public/private partnerships like this in the future, and as co-chairman of the Internet Caucus, I will certainly be working to promote them.

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