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Virginia Internet Technology Week begins Sept. 13 at Va. Tech

July 1, 1999

U.S. Reps. Rick Boucher and Robert Goodlatte will address Virginia Internet Technology Week '99 on opening day Monday, Sept. 13, at the Internet Technology Innovation Center at Virginia Tech.

Virginia Internet Technology Week will showcase the latest Internet Technology developments and offer extensive professional development opportunities - from creating user-friendly web sites and software; to predicting the impact and opportunities of the next generation of the Internet to responding to security and privacy concerns.

The conference will take place on Sept. 13-17, at Virginia Tech's Donaldson Brown Hotel and Conference Center.

"Our southwest Virginia location is particularly fitting as we discuss the economic development opportunities of the internet," states Alf Weaver, director, Internet Technology Innovation Center, "Rural geographies today have the potential to reach global markets.

The first annual Virginia Internet Technology Week will present a wealth of information in support of this revolutionary economic trend."

The conference will offer a choice of full-day and half-day professional development seminars on Tuesday through Thursday.

Boucher and Goodlatte, who co-chair the Internet Caucus, will speak in Internet economic development opportunities and current federal legislation.

Harris N. Miller, president of Information technology Association of America (www.itaa.org), and Mary Miller, president of Interactive Design and Development (www.iddnet.com), will provide business and industry perspectives on Internet opportunities.

ITAA, based in Arlington, is the only trade association representing the U.S. IT industry, with more than 11,000 direct and affiliate members.

IDD, based in Blacksburg, is one of the top multimedia producers in America, according to AV Video and Multimedia Producer Magazine.

Luncheon speakers will be Thomas R. Gulledge of the Institute of Public Policy and the Policy Analysis Center at George Mason "International E-Commerce"; Charles Bostlan, director for Wireless Telecommunications at Virginia Tech, speaking about the wireless spectrum, and Dana G. Coltrin, vice president and general manager of Cox Fibernet (www.cox.com/Fibernet/), speaking about telecommunications opportunities and challenges.

There is a charge for some programs.

For more information, visit http://manta.cs.vt.edu/vit/.

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