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Virginia Internet Technology Week

From Washington Technology
July 1, 1999

The Internet Technology Innovation Center is hosting a week-long conference showcasing the latest in Internet technology. The conference will also offer extensive professional development opportunities - from creating user-friendly Web sites and software; to predicting the impact and opportunities of the next generation of the Internet; to responding to security and privacy concerns. Internet TIC was established to nurture Virginia's entrepreneurial environment for information technology and Internet-based businesses; accelerate the creation and deployment of network-based information technology; develop hardware/software infrastructure; and expand Virginia's high-skill work force, which is needed to develop, support, and market Internet-based electronic products and services. In its first year, Internet TIC has assisted more than 20 companies. The center is a partnership among 11 research groups at four Virginia universities.

The Opening Day has a cost of $109, half-day professional development seminars have a cost of $285, full-day seminars have a cost of $575 and the Internet2 Day is FREE.

Date(s): Sept. 13, 199 - Sept. 17, 1999

Time: 9:00 - 5:30

Cost: $0.00

Location: Donaldson Brown Hotel and Conference Center

Contact Person: Mark Schaefermeyer

More Info: http://manta.cs.vt.edu/vit

"Professor Alf Weaver of the UVa Department of Computer Science has helped organize the Internet Week event."

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