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1999 Virginia Internet Technology Week

From RichTech
August 17, 1999

The Internet revolution is happening right in Virginia's backyard, and like all revolutions, good quality information is not always easy to come by. Today's businesses are often caught in the crossfire of information skirmishes, and while a wealth of information on e-Commerce and e-Business solutions exists, it's hard to find it all in one place at one time. That will no longer be the case when the 1999 Virginia Internet technology Week (VIT99) event opens this September 13 - 17 in Blacksburg at Virginia Tech.

Attendees at the weeklong event will be able to meet key people in the Internet industry, establish strategic alliances, discover new opportunities for Internet investment and add their voice to the discussion about developing Virginia's Internet business. Virginia's Secretary of Technology, Don Upson, is the scheduled keynote speaker on the event's opening day, followed by presentations from other industry leaders, including U.S. Representatives Rick Boucher and Bob Goodlatte, co-chairs of the national Internet Caucus.

During the middle of the week, attendees will be able to select from a wide array of informative, educational seminars, which range from the highly technical to the presentation of basic e-Commerce information. For a detailed outline of all seminars being offered, visit VIT99's website at http://manta.cs.vt.edu/vit or contact Mark Schaefermeyer at 540-231-3259 eagle@vt.edu with questions.

This major event is being sponsored by the Internet Technology Innovation Center (ITIC). ITIC, funded by Virginia's "Professor Alf Weaver of the UVa Department of Computer Science has helped organize the Internet Week event."

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