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Donaldson Brown to host first Virginia Internet Technology Week

From Collegiate Times
August 27, 1999

By Erin Markey, Staff Writer

The "electronic village" of Blacksburg will host the events of the first Virginia Internet Technology Week.

The week, presented by the Internet Technology Innovation Center, runs Sept. 13-17 in the Donaldson Brown Hotel and Conference Center at Virginia Tech.

According to an Internet TIC website, the purpose of the week is to "enhance the IT business environment" of Virginia.

The use of technology and the Internet is expected to continue to grow in the 21st century, and events like this help the men and women of the business world keep up with the latest technological trends, according to Internet TIC's website.

The purpose of the week is to educate people on the "new developments in Internet business" and will also provide an opportunity for people with similar Internet interests to meet and make connections that could be beneficial in future business ventures.

"The conference will provide CEOs and other business officers an opportunity to learn about new developments and practices of specific interest to them, to meet key people working with Internet and IT technology and establish connections, as well as to get into new Internet business ventures," Balci said in a press release.

Dennis Kafura, professor and head of the department of computer science, along with associate professors Clifford Shaffer and Marc Abrams, are helping to coordinate the event and will be giving several of the professional development seminars Sept. 14-16.

Technology week will begin with several key speakers.

U.S. Reps. Rick Boucher and Robert Goodlatte, co-chairs of the Internet Caucus, will be speaking on "Internet economic development opportunities and current federal legislation," according to an Internet TIC press release.

Donald Upson, secretary of technology for the Commonwealth of Virginia, will also be on hand to deliver a keynote address opening day.

Harris Miller, president of the Information Technology Association of America and Mary Miller, president of Interactive Design and Development, will also address Internet opportunities.

ITAA is "the only trade association representing the U.S. IT industry" and is based in Arlington, Va.

And Blacksburg has its own glories to give it a name among the technologically advances communities.

IDD, which is based in Blacksburg is "one of the top multimedia producers" in the country, as reported by AV Video and Multimedia Producer Magazine.

Internet TIC has put together a program that will cover a variety of technological issues. Internet TIC hopes to meet its goal of reaching and educating the attendees of the conference, whether they are CEOs or entrepreneurs.

"Our Southwest Virginia location is particularly fitting as we discuss the economic development opportunities of the Internet," Alfred Weaver, Director of Internet TIC and professor of computer science at the University of Virginia said in a press release.

"Rural geographies today have the potential to reach global markets.

The first annual Virginia Internet Technology Week will present a wealth of information in support of this revolutionary economic trend."

For a list of programs and seminars for the Internet Technology Week as well as a complete list of guest speakers, visit Internet TIC's website at http://manta.cs.vt.edu/vit/ .

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