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U.Va. Engineering Professors' Paper Recognized by IEEE and Google

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November 30, -0001

By Anne E. Bromley

March 16, 2009 University of Virginia faculty members Sudhanva Gurumurthi, assistant professor of computer science, and Mircea Stan, professor of electrical and computer engineering, had their recent research on energy-efficient storage systems published in the January/February special issue of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Micro journal, which recognizes the top research papers in the field of computer architecture.

The special issue publishes papers deemed to have been the best papers among the top computer architecture conferences from the previous year. IEEE Micro Top Picks featured the professors' paper, "Using Intradisk Parallelism to Build Energy-Efficient Storage Systems," which proposes a means of significant reduction in power consumption by server storage systems.

In addition to the IEEE recognition, the research was selected for a Google University Research Award of $80,000. This money will support student involvement in the research.

According to the Google Web site, the program "started in 2005, [and] seeks to identify and support leading-edge research in strategic areas of engineering and computer science."

Gurumurthi and Stan's submission was based on a paper they published at the 35th International Symposium on Computer Architecture held in Beijing, China in June 2008. This work was done in collaboration with Gurumurthi's former computer-science student, Sriram Sankar, who graduated last year. Sankar now works for Microsoft.

According to the IEEE Micro's Web site, the special issue "will recognize those significant and insightful papers that have the potential to influence the work of computer architects for years to come."

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