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Company licenses technology from the Genesis project

From UTEK Corporation
August 16, 2006

TAMPA, Fla. & DENVILLE, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 16, 2006--UTEK Corporation (AMEX:UTK - News; LSE-AIM:UTK), a specialty finance company focused on technology transfer, and NetFabric Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB:NFBH - News), a company that provides information technology services and solutions, is pleased to announce that NetFabric Holdings, Inc. has acquired Intrusion Detection Technologies, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of UTEK Corporation, in a stock transaction.

Intrusion Detection Technologies, Inc. holds a license for a software technology that overcomes some of the deficiencies of Instruction Set Randomization. The technology has the potential of allowing binary programs to be encrypted making them difficult to comprehend by an adversary.

"NetFabric Holdings, Inc. is enthusiastic about this technology because of its potential to detect malicious code which may be intentionally injected, thereby removing it before it is executed," said Fahad Syed, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of NetFabric Holdings, Inc.

"We are very enthusiastic about working with NetFabric Holdings, Inc. as they help to develop and commercialize our new Intrusion Detection technology," said Bob MacWright, Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer, at the University of Virginia Patent Foundation.

"UTEK is pleased to consummate this technology transfer with NetFabric Holdings, Inc. and we look forward to continuing our efforts to identify additional technology acquisition opportunities for its consideration," said Stephanie Larson, Manager of Technology Licensing for UTEK Corporation.

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