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National Academy Of Engineering Appoints Interim President

From Press Release
June 21, 1996

WulfWashington: The council of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE)announces the appointment of newly elected councilor William A.Wulf as interim president of the NAE effective July 17.

Elected to serve a three-year term as NAE councilor on June 26,Wulf, AT&T Professor of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia, wasappointed by the council to the position of interim president whilethe NAE immediately begins the process of selecting a permanentpresident. The membership will participate in the selection of anominating committee, and a special election will be held as soon aspossible. Wulf succeeds Harold Liebowitz who was recently recalled aspresident by a vote of the NAE membership.

In addition to his current post, Wulf has had a distinguishedNational Science Foundation; chairman and CEO of Tartan LaboratoriesInc., Pittsburgh; and professor of computer science at the CarnegieMellon University, Pittsburgh. Wulf was elected to NAE membership in1993 and serves as chair of the Computer Science andTelecommunications Board of the National Research Council.

The 1,840-member National Academy of Engineering was established in1964, under the congressional charter granted to the National Academyof Sciences, as a parallel organization of outstanding engineers. Itis autonomous in its administration and in the selection of itsmembers, sharing with the National Academyof Sciences the responsibility for advising the federal governmentand management of the National Research Council.

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