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Tribute to Dr. Anita Jones by U.S. Senator Chuck Robb

From Congressional Record (CRS3463)
April 2, 1997
Anita Jones Mr. ROBB: Mr. President, I rise today to recognize the professional dedication, vision and public service of Dr. Anita K. Jones who is completing her appointment, after 4 years, as the Director of Defense Research and Engineering [DDR&E]. A native of Texas, and longtime Virginia resident, Dr. Jones is one of this country's preeminent information technology experts and a pioneer for women in science and engineering career fields everywhere. Prior to coming to the Department of Defense, she was the chair of the department of computer science at the University of Virginia. As DDR&E, she serves in one of the Nation's top technical positions and oversees the largest defense research and development organization in the world.

Her strong support for, and oversight of, the multibillion-dollar Defense Science and Technology [S&T] Program dramatically improved the warfighting capabilities and readiness of our Nation's military forces both today and well into the future. Dr. Jones spearheaded the implementation of a new structured planning process which aligns technology research and development more directly with critical warfighting and national security priorities. Through strong leadership, she brought the technology and operational military communities together to design detailed plans to sustain U.S. dominance on the battlefield into the next century.

In addition, Dr. Jones focused the Department of Defense S&T Program to ensure military and national preeminence in several strategic technologies with both military and commercial application such as information technology, high-performance computing, advanced electronics, materials and modeling and simulation. Her active outreach within the Department of Defense expanded greatly the scope of the Defense S&T Program and the speed and ease at which technology is developed and transitioned into our warfighting arsenal and support infrastructure. Furthermore, her direct support of pervasive technologies such as high end computing and semiconductors resulted in breakthroughs across a wide spectrum of applications, both military and civilian, such as modeling of geophysical phenomenon, aerodynamics and process flow, which contributed directly to our Nation's ability to execute a record number of peacekeeping and military operations without the loss of a single life due to combat.

Distinguished Public Service and the Meritorious Civilian Service Award. She has served on several Government advisory boards and scientific review panels such as the Defense Science Board, Air Force Scientific Advisory Board, the National Research Council, and the National Science Foundation. She is a member of the National Academy of Engineers and is a fellow of the Association of Computing Machinery and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

I know that Dr. Jones' husband, William A. Wulf, and her daughters, Karin and Ellen, are proud of her many accomplishments, and so is the Nation. Her distinguished service will be genuinely missed in the Department of Defense, and all of us who know her wish her every success as she returns to the University of Virginia.

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